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Description – Somatropin is a form of growth hormone in humans which is important for the growth of muscles and bones. It is used to treat children and adults who lack natural growth hormone with growth failure. Somatropin is also used for adults having short bowel syndrome or to treat loss of weight due to AIDS.



  • Somatropin (as well as endogenous GH) binds to some dimeric GH receptor in the cell membrane of target cells leading to intracellular signal transduction and a lot of pharmacodynamic consequences.
  • Some of the pharmacodynamic effects are primarily mediated by IGF-I produced from the liver and also locally (e.g., skeletal development( protein synthesis), while others are primarily a consequence of the direct effects of somatropin (e.g., lipolysis)



If you see these symptoms consult your doctor right away.

  • Development of a limp.
  • Change/reduction in vision.
  • Fast/slow heartbeat.
  • Unusual weight gain, intolerance to cold, hearing problems, pain or numbness in joints/hip, etc.
  • Severe headache, Seizures.